Wireless Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs


Wireless Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

The next generation in BFR training

AirBands (patent pending), are the world’s first wireless, automated training cuffs.

AirBands leverages the benefits of blood flow restriction (BFR), a safe and effective method to reduce the time and intensity required to build muscle and increase strength.

As the world’s first Bluetooth-controlled, wireless BFR cuffs, AirBands can help accelerate training results, manage loads and streamline rehabilitation.

Build muscle and increase strength without mechanical load

AirBands are a versatile training tool with wireless capabilities that offer unrestricted application to support any type of rehabilitation exercise.

The arm and leg cuffs automatically inflate to a safe and controlled occlusion zone, intelligently synchronizing to inflate and deflate with the duration of the exercise set.


AirBands feature a rechargeable battery, sensor, valve, pneumatic pump air bladder and a Bluetooth module that connects to your smart device.

AirBands cuff features a velcro loop system, for superior comfort and durability. Built from sweat-resistant fabric cloth, lined over a custom-built, medical-grade air bladder.

Arm cuff: 25 – 45cm / 10” – 18”
Leg cuff: 45 – 65cm / 18” – 26”

Pairs the device immediately to your phone.


Take the guesswork
out of calibration

The AirBands app

+ Wireless pairing.
+ Automatic inflation/deflation.
+ Individualised pressure calibration.
+ BFR medical screening tool.

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