Technology for clinicians by clinicians.

With our suite of technologies set goals backed by objective assessment, deliver better outcomes, improve patient retention and streamline your workflows.

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Technology for all abilities, ages and clinical settings.

No matter who your patients are, our technology helps you accurately measure strength and movement every day.

Our technology allows any clinician to gather powerful and insightful information in any setting, helping you make better treatment decisions and deliver the best outcomes for all your patients.

Any patient, any setting and any time - we are here to help you.

Our technology in clinical settings just like yours.


Aged Care

Helping your clients to live a better life.

The physical challenges faced by patients as they age impact their function, independence and well-being.

Using our technology you and your patients can better understand their physical status giving you time to make changes that can maintain or improve their ability to live their best lives.



Maximize efficiency with your clients.

We support hospitals in maintaining quality care. Establish consistent discharge standards across all staff levels.

Identify complex/high-risk patients for optimal allocation of skilled professionals, while our technology helps you efficiently handle lower-risk cases, reducing waiting lists and alleviating clinical team stress.



World-leading tech for your research.

Empower your researchers and enable field-based study with our portable, scalable human measurement technology.

With widespread adoption in clinics and elite sports teams worldwide, integrate our technology into your research and student training to help deliver actionable, real-world research outcomes and help develop highly employable graduates.



Bring the clinic's best to your clients.

Deliver care to clients at home. Our portable devices deliver clinic-quality assessments, ensuring high-quality information for both clinicians and clients.

Share exercise, education, and outcome measures online, enabling clients to initiate independent recovery immediately after your visit.



Identify at-risk workers in advance.

Reduce workplace injury stress with thorough assessments.

Our technology measures job physical demands, enabling clinicians to evaluate individuals' capabilities.

Digital exercise prescription ensure clients receive the necessary physical preparation for a successful return to work.


We are for clinicians.

Let our tech do the time-consuming tasks for you

Clinical notes, reports, insurer treatment plans, exercise programs, referral letters – the tasks that start for the clinician when the patient leaves.

We know how time-consuming these tasks are and our technology is deliberately built to give you that time back.

Quality time with your patients

In a session, we know there is much to achieve to balance the expectations of the patient, best practice and the insurer. Our suite of systems streamlines workflow and reduces much of the hard work in capturing reliable objective data.

This gives you back more time with your patient to focus on collaborative decisions about their care and developing targeted intervention plans.

Boost engagement with data

Our technology gives you access to objective data so you can gain insights into your patient’s condition, target treatments and keep track of their progress over time.

Powered by the world’s largest normative datasets, we provide you with easy-to-use data visualization tools to help you communicate with your patients exactly where they stand in their recovery journey, keeping them engaged in their rehabilitation.

“The big difference – now that I have testing systems such as the ForceDecks and DynaMo – is that my approach to rehabilitation is very direct. I’m looking more for impairments and addressing those impairments because I can accurately measure them.”

Mick Hughes, Learn.Physio

"We can now run clinical research with large participant numbers by accessing equipment that was previously restricted to our labs. Embedding this equipment in the normal clinical path allows us to complete research that is meaningful to clinicians."

Shawn Cameron, Michaeli Centre (University/Hospital affiliate)

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We exist to help you and your patients succeed.

Making any change is difficult, that’s why we partner with you on your journey to implementing VALD technology. We are with you every step of the way as you introduce new processes into your clinic so that you can improve the outcomes of your patients and your business.

We have a dedicated team of people. We strive to provide personalized service with face-to-face, human touch. Every client is given one-to-one onboarding and personal check-ins. Your success is our success.

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Our people helping people

From the moment you start with VALD, our team works with you and your team.

We will seamlessly implement our technology into your daily workflows.

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Training on your terms

We provide education with webinars, articles and support materials.

Best practices and experiences of industry experts, so you can get the most out of your technology.

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Help when you need it

VALD is with you all the way. Our 24/7 support team will back you up, assisting with any questions you have.

We hold quarterly check-ins to ensure you're fully supported every step of the way.


Less time on admin. More time with patients.

VALD Hub gives time back to you by instantly collecting insights on your patients, taking the pain out of clinical notes and report writing.

See your patients’ results from assessment to exercise adherence and patient-reported outcome measures all from one screen.

Track their progress, make quick clinical decisions and update your patient’s care plan to help deliver great patient outcomes.


Tailored care, shared to your patient’s phone.

Get tailored education and exercise programs right on their phone, helping you track their progress over time.

With both digital and printable reports all your patients can easily share their results with their care team and support network.

Let’s talk.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to best determine how the VALD technology can be custom fit to benefit your organization.