Repeatable, adaptable strength testing and training for every major joint in the body.



Fast, intuitive strength testing and training.

ForceFrame is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for accurately and reliably testing and training isometric strength. Select your patient’s name, start a test or exercise and watch results appear in real time.



Hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck and more.

ForceFrame is a comprehensive system for accurately and reliably testing and training isometric strength across every major joint in the body, in any clinical setting.


Dozens of configurations
to suit your patients.

Easily configured into a wide range of standardized positions, ForceFrame enables you to set a position for almost any test or exercise and to accommodate almost any patient’s capabilities. A repeatable setup means repeatable data, every time.



Assessments and
exercise in one system.

Take your patients’ isometric testing results and use them to easily prescribe isometric exercise, all in the ForceFrame system. Set targets based on percentages of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) to individualize isometric exercise.


Designed to meet
your specifications.

Strong, adjustable, easy-to-use and mobile, ForceFrame packs an enormous range of functionality into one comprehensive system.




For the most demanding users. Our strongest and most versatile ForceFrame.
Forceframe max



Our most space-efficient ForceFrame, for space-constrained clinics and clinicians on the move.
Forceframe fold

Frequently asked questions

Which ForceFrame is right for you?

Q: Are you short on space, or looking to travel with your ForceFrame?


ForceFrame Fold features a fold-up base which, when folded away, makes it the ForceFrame with the smallest footprint. It’s also our most lightweight ForceFrame model.

Q: Do you work with very strong or tall athletes and test strong muscle groups?


ForceFrame Max - with its rock-solid base and taller, reinforced posts - is our largest, strongest model, built for testing high-force applications and muscle groups such as the knee flexors and plantar flexors, while remaining patient- and clinic-friendly.

Q: Are your patients unable to get onto the floor or into a chair for testing?


ForceFrame Max features a low-profile base and taller frame, allowing height-adjustable treatment beds to be rolled over the frame, bringing the testing right to the patient.

Q: Do you need wheels on your ForceFrame?


ForceFrame Max features inbuilt wheels, and while ForceFrame Fold does not, an optional travel bag is available, which features external wheels.

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Payment plans that
suit your business.

Choose to pay annually, quarterly, monthly or even weekly. The choice is up to you.

Plus, you won’t be charged a premium for paying in smaller, more manageable amounts.


Looking to test other
physical attributes?

Portable, Modular Handheld Testing

Need something that can fit in your backpack but is still capable of hundreds of strength and movement tests? 

Dynamic Strength and Balance

Wanting to assess functional movement, kinetics, dynamic strength, asymmetry or balance?

Dedicated Hamstring Strength Testing

Quickly measure and monitor eccentric hamstring strength and asymmetry.

Speak to our team.

Our team is here to help you get the most out of your VALD technology.  

We are a solutions-focused company so if you have something you want to better understand, we want to help you find a way to measure and track it. 

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