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VALDHub: The central data and administration platform for VALD systems.
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One login. All of your
movement health data.

Included with all VALD products at no additional cost, VALD Hub sits at the heart of VALD’s systems. Whether you’re assessing your patient’s movement, collecting their outcome measures, checking on their pain levels or monitoring their progress, you’ll find it all - and more - in VALD Hub.



One platform. All of your digital health tools.

Provide a range of digital health solutions to your patients from one place. Deliver telehealth appointments, prescribe exercise programs, set PROMs questionnaires, provide educational content and more.



Less manual notes, more actionable insights.

Reduce the amount of time spent writing clinical notes with quick, easy access to digitalized results and objective data, allowing you to spend less time on admin and more time helping your patients.


Patient profiles, tailored to each patient.

Every patient is different. It’s unlikely you’re concerned about a patient’s shoulder strength when they’ve just had a hip replacement, so their profile should reflect this.

VALD Hub allows you to customize your patients’ profiles to show just the data and outcomes that matter most to you and them.



Sharing is caring.

VALD Hub allows you to generate and share detailed yet easy-to-understand reports with your patients, their families and other healthcare providers.

Sometimes, though, it’s just nice to give your patient something tangible to take with them. We’ve got that covered too - simply hit print to generate a branded, custom report.


Context is everything.

VALD Hub leverages an enormous dataset of musculoskeletal norms to help provide context to your patients’ progress. Compare your patients to cohorts ranging from general populations to elite sports and understand what ‘normal’ looks like.

normative age curve graph

92nd Percentile

34 years
54.7 W/kg

40th Percentile

19 years
42.4 W/kg

66th Percentile

58.2 years
31.3 W/kg

12th Percentile

46.5 years
26.9 W/kg

92nd Percentile: Female 34 years 54.7 W/kg
40th Percentile: Female 19 years 42.4 W/kg
66th Percentile: Female 58.2 years 31.3 W/kg
12th Percentile: Female 46.5 years 26.9 W/kg


Flexible management tools and permissions.

VALD Hub includes unlimited user accounts and unlimited patient profiles. Plus, fine-grained permissions tools to help you ensure each person has the right level of access for their role.

Do you work at more than one organization? Not a problem - your user account can be linked to multiple VALD Hub organizations.


Connect to a range of
third party systems.

VALD Hub integrates with a number of clinical management systems to help streamline your workflows. Sync patient profiles, share data and eliminate duplicate entries.



Explore our integrated systems.

All of VALD’s products and systems integrate directly into VALD Hub. Learn more about each of our fit-for-purpose systems and how they integrate into your clinical practice.

Speak to our team.

Our team is here to help you get the most of your VALD technology. We are a solutions-focused company so if you have something you want to better understand, we want to help you find a way to measure and track it.

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