The fastest, easiest and most proven system for testing hamstring strength in the field or in the clinic.


The gold standard in hamstring testing.

Proven by dozens of research studies and built for fast, convenient, field-based testing, the NordBord has set the standard for hamstring strength assessments.


Set up, test, report. Under one minute.

The NordBord is optimised for speed and ease. Simply select your patient, run a test and see results appear in real-time. Immediately after a test, share summary results with your patient - making for an instantaneous feedback loop.


Test eccentric and isometric strength.

Test hamstring strength isometrically - and in a range of positions - then progress to eccentric tests for stronger patients or athletes.



Backed by 10+ years of research.

The NordBord started as an idea born out of research, and has been the subject of dozens of peer-reviewed papers since, proving its efficacy in a range of sports and cohorts.

Mitigate injury risk by increasing strength.

Opar et al. (2014)

Mitigate injury risk by decreasing asymmetry.

Bourne et al. (2015)

Mitigate injury risk associated with ageing.

Opar et al. (2014)

Mitigate injury risk associated with previous injuries.

Timmins et al. (2016)


One of a kind.

Strong, reliable, comfortable and accurate. The NordBord is designed to bring research-grade technology and precision to the clinic.



Payment plans that suit your business.

Choose to pay annually, quarterly, monthly or even weekly. The choice is up to you.

Plus, you won’t be charged a premium for paying in smaller, more manageable amounts.


Looking to test other physical attributes?

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