How TeleHab is being used to prescribe exercise programs at Ballarat Swim Club

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Kirsten is a highly experienced coach with complimentary professional qualifications in Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and strength and conditioning.Kirsten has nearly completed her PhD which is investigating the effects of training load on shoulders injuries in swimmers.With her sound knowledge base Kirsten is both passionate and well equipped to support swimmers at all stages of development.

How are you using TeleHab?

From a prescription point of view, I work with mostly age group athletes who require a large amount of AAROM movements, shoulder strengthening, and basic strength exercises. The videos have been great, and the platform has been easy to use. Particularly during a lockdown period. I have been able to prescribe a variety of programs for our different levels and age groups, as well as different needs such as injury prevention and general strength and conditioning. The videos and exercise information have meant that all the athletes are getting visual cues, and can also send through videos for feedback.

How did you prescribe programs before TeleHab?

I spent a lot of time writing up individual programs for our swimmers. I would write the programs and then try to find appropriate images and videos to assist with technique cues for times I wasn’t able to be in the gym with them. This has saved me a lot of time, and the quality and consistency of their training has improved with the instructional videos and the smartphone apps. The range of exercises have been adaptable for athletes who have access to equipment and those who don’t – in the current climate it has been a lifesaver. 

COVID restrictions have meant a lot of teams/squads have had to adjust their training. How has TeleHab helped with this?

As we are in a rural area of Victoria, so have been lucky enough to be back in the pool and with some access to the gym. However we have recently just gone back into lockdown, so I have a series of programs planned to release through the app. We also have a number of Strength and Conditioning coaches prescribing programs for our senior athletes, it is extremely useful to streamline these programs onto the one Telehab platform both from a coaching team communication perspective as well as consistent teaching cues for the athletes.