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Dr. Jacob Canright, PT, DPT, is a Sports Medicine Specialist and Physical Therapist at The Lab, a new clinic powered by Genesis Health located in the Quad Cities area.

In this case study, Jacob shares insight into how ForceDecks are currently used to assess clients, and how they have proven themselves to be an effective tool for improving client outcomes and securing new business.

Both athletic trainers and physical therapists at The Lab utilize ForceDecks for injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

How The Lab uses ForceDecks

Currently, both athletic trainers and physical therapists at The Lab utilise ForceDecks for physical rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, and importantly, injury prevention.

Dr. Jacob Canright explains;

“We’ve been working to develop our own test battery, incorporating the ForceDecks. As part of it, we’ll be able to run our clients through a series of baseline tests, say during pre-season, and then on an ongoing basis annually. Through these tests, we can identify any sort of risk or try stratifying that risk to determine whether a client may need additional treatment.”

Genesis Sports Medicine also offers free screening sessions with ForceDecks to identify any conditions or potential risks that might lead to injury.

“We wanted to develop a good sports medicine program within our facilities and within our area and wanted to look at different equipment that helped us to be able to paint the best picture and the best understanding of how people are performing and what kind of concerns may come up” said Jacob.

Reporting and communication with other healthcare providers

Ultimately, ForceDecks have allowed Genesis to strengthen communication between clients and external healthcare providers.

Jacob explains;

“ForceDecks help us identify those cases where somebody may be passing typical return to sport tests, but when we look at their ForceDecks data, we realize that what looks good on paper isn’t really that good.

That’s been our biggest issue with a lot of return to sport tests – they don’t necessarily give the whole picture – just because you can be within a percent of your unaffected limb, doesn’t mean that all of the quality is there that needs to be there to reduce that risk of re-injury.”

By identifying these otherwise hidden factors, practitioners at The Lab can paint a clearer picture of a client’s condition, and offer their recommendations to coaches, sports medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and the like with greater certainty and authority.

Engaging clients with ForceDecks

ForceDecks have proven themselves to be an effective marketing tool for The Lab, helping to improve customer experiences and outcomes, along with securing new business.

Currently, free screening sessions with ForceDecks are being offered to clients in order to identify any conditions or potential risks that might lead to injury.

Jacob explains “while marketing through Facebook and Google is beneficial, we believe that in-person contact and building relationships by allowing potential clients to witness first-hand what the technology can do is the most important thing – they will market it themselves at that point.”

Further, as ForceDecks can be used to measure balance, they have also been incorporated into the everyday care of clients.

An effort that has garnered an increasingly positive response from clients.

“Everyone who gets to see and try out the ForceDecks really likes it because of its ability to show data in real-time” said Jacob.

It’s with this visualization of data that clinicians at The Lab can instantaneously transition between assessment and treatment.

“If a client performs a test, and we find that they’re landing rigid through one side, we can justify that they need to work on their eccentric strength with some eccentric loading type activities.”


The addition of ForceDecks has provided clinicians at The Lab with more objective data on their clients’ rehabilitation and physical wellbeing.

By providing clients with instant insights backed by objective data, clinicians at The Lab can prescribe exercise and rehabilitation activities with greater accuracy and certainty, ultimately leading to greater client satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about ForceDecks?

For further information on how ForceDecks can help your clinic, visit our ForceDeck’s page – here.

Download this case study as a PDF: Genesis Health Case Study – ForceDecks

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