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In the first installment of VALD Health’s Force plates educational series, we look at the basics of using force plates. We wanted to provide a free resource for health professionals who are looking to begin their force plates journey, and who better than Phil Grahm-Smith, Co-Founder of ForceDecks to help guide you through some tips. 

Learn the basics of using force plates

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In this webinar, Phil Graham-Smith (Co-Founder of ForceDecks, and Head of Biomechanics and Innovation at Aspire Academy), walks us through:

• Basic principles of measuring with force plates • Using force plates with general population clients • Important considerations for setting up and testing with force plates • Common mistakes with new force plates users • Common phases and metrics

Did you enjoy this webinar? Watch part two and three

Part 2: Force plates in clinical practice

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Part 3: Force plate analysis following ACL reconstruction

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Interested in leveling up your force plate tech? Say hello to ForceDecks Mini.

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