How POGO Physio monitors hamstring strength with NordBord

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We recently asked Brad Beer from POGO Physio a couple of questions on how he incorporates the NordBord at his clinic.

How does POGO Physio on the Gold Coast use their NordBord? Brad Beer let us know…

I use the NordBord as part of my clients’ (runners & triathletes) battery of capacity tests. Hamstrings play a key role in a runner’s well-being and performance metrics so being able to objectify the eccentric force production of a runner’s hamstrings is vital. Benchmarking against normative data (e.g. British Athletics track and field) can really empower clients to improve this metric, especially when the athlete knows that work will be heightened, and reassessment will follow adherence to the prescribed strength and conditioning.

What sports/activity do you mainly provide assessments for and do you do different tests depending on the sport? 

Distance running, triathlon, and multisport athletes. Nordics are my go to assessment with the NordBord. If someone doesn’t have the confidence/ability to perform a Nordic, an alternate test may be chosen.

What has been the overall client experience with the NordBord, and has the technology positively affected client engagement and outcomes? 

Yes. Clients really enjoy the data they receive and the subsequent translation to their unique circumstances and athletic goals.

Out of curiosity, what’s the most impressive Nordic test you’ve seen to date?

Mid 400’s-tall distance runner -with long levers!See our VALD Health Blog for more case studies and research.If you would like more information on NordBords, please visit our website.

About the NordBord:

The NordBord (patented) is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.

Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualisation and cloud analytics, the NordBord is a comprehensive system for accurately quantifying and monitoring a client’s hamstring strength and imbalance.

If you would like more information on the NordBord, please see below.

About Brad Beer:

APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (APAM), POGO Physio Founder.

Brad’s clients have ranged from Olympic medalists, world champion and Australian athletes.

He has delivered over 30,000 physiotherapy consultations and is constantly developing himself professionally through involvement in sporting events, physiotherapy conferences, writing books, etc. 

See below for Brad Beer’s webinar with VALD Health. 

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