TeleHab Platform Update October 2020 – Program Scheduler

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Today we’re excited to announce our latest update to TeleHab – the heavily requested Program Scheduler, available for you to use right now.

Building upon the feedback of our users; this new feature aims to help improve exercise adherence and adaptation by providing a more transparent and convenient means of scheduling exercise programs within TeleHab.

How does the Program Scheduler work?

Upon assigning an exercise program to a client, you will now be prompted to configure several new settings, including:

How often during the week a client should complete their program, for example on specific days or X times per week.

The frequency during a day that a client should complete their program, for instance at specific times, during set time periods, or whenever convenient.

If you’d like to learn more about the Program Scheduler, please visit our support centre.

Whilst not included in this update, there are several planned additions to the Program Scheduler set to become available in the following months, including the introduction of push notifications.

For now, we hope this update helps to make your life as an exercise professional easier.

We hope you enjoy using TeleHab and will continue to send helpful tips and product news. In the meantime, we’d love you to join the conversation on social media #TeleHab.

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