What are Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)? And why has VALD implemented them into VALD Hub?

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What are Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)? And why has VALD implemented them into VALD Hub?

PROMs are scientifically validated questionnaires completed by clients that measure what matters to them – their quality of life, feelings, daily function, and the impact of their symptoms.

As a practitioner, patient-reported outcome measures can become an important part of your practice.

Scientific researchers and medical professionals developed PROMs to help identify and assess the subjective experience of patients. Identifying its value, the broader medical community adopted PROMs to assist clinical care decisions, evaluate healthcare objectives, and provide valuable information which may be used in the decision-making process.

In short – PROMs gather, measure, and provide insights and feedback about the severity of a condition from a patient-centric perspective. The treatment is then monitored and measured based on the patient’s response.

It is often not appreciated how important PROMs are for patients. PROMs enable patients to better understand their progress over time and increase adherence to recovery and rehabilitation, moving away from ‘end of pain’ to established goals.

With PROMs, patients can find it easier to:

  • Articulate the physical or emotional pain associated with their injuries; and
  • keep sight of progress over time; and
  • adhere to their recovery.

At VALD, we believe in the importance of PROMs and how they can positively impact clinical decision-making and outcomes. That is why ScoreIt (our PROMs tool) has been added VALD Hub, our free cloud-based platform for all VALD systems.

It was important for the team at VALD to address challenges practitioners have faced in the past with paper-based survey collection. With digital integration, improvements now include:

  • Automated calculations and longitudinal representations that help track client progress; and
  • the option to pre-schedule subsequent surveys throughout a patient’s rehabilitation journey; and
  • surveys can be completed on the go before clients attend their consultation, enhancing your time with your client; and
  • results are automatically communicated to the you, their practitioner.

Use PROMs to track meaningful data and keep clients engaged during their rehabilitation journey.

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