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A seamless
rehab experience.

Dedication to injury rehabilitation often starts with positive expectations and intentions, but we all know that compliance rates are low once your patient steps outside the clinic. With TeleHab, you can support your patients in the clinic and at home for a more effective rehabilitation experience.

How it works

Personalised programs
faster than you can say half depth wall squat (well, almost).

Personalised programs as fast as you can search, drag and drop.

TeleHab lets you quickly personalise rehab programs, providing your patients with guided sessions they can do themselves at home. Start from scratch or with a favourite template and specify details like reps, sets, rest, additional loads and then schedule each session as required. You can even set reminders so your patient will get a notification when their session is due. No more paper plans, no more drafting emails. Better clinical outcomes for patients.

Guide your patient
step-up by step-up

For rehab to be effective, exercises need to be completed as prescribed but often patients forget the details once they get home. With thousands of clinically approved videos, you can easily deliver personalised rehab programs straight to your patients phone, guiding patients through your prescribed program for a more complete rehabilitation experience.

An engaged client is a more successful client.

For the best possible outcome, you need to know what your patient is doing (or not doing) between visits and keep them accountable, but finding the time in your packed schedule to email or call can be impossible. With TeleHab, patients record their sessions, including important details - like how many reps they completed and how much pain they felt - so you can check in on their progress between visits and offer additional support if they need it.

Helping you, helping them.