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Use objective data to help your patients return to work, play and life faster and stronger with the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System. Alongside assisting you to make better informed clinical decisions, objective data better engages patients to take ownership of their rehabilitation journey.

How it works

Amplify rehab with objective measurement.

Founded on clinical research, and externally validated, HumanTrak combines a 3D camera with movement sensors which combined creates a dynamic 3D model of your patient. This deep understanding of their movement in 3D, happens in real-time so you can assess their movement and tailor a recovery program with clear and measurable objectives. Automated reporting assists in tracking progress and demonstrating outcomes to your client.

An engaged client is a more successful client.

With HumanTrak, assessment becomes objective so both you and your patient will see progress from every consult, encouraging return visits and better clinical outcomes. Becoming pain-free is rarely the end of a successful rehabilitation yet so many patients stop seeking assistance once pain subsides. Educate your clients with objective data to show the benefit of completing rehabilitation beyond becoming pain-free.


Helping you see
what the eye can’t.

Functional Assessments

HumanTrak features a wide variety of movement assessments across upper and lower body range of motion and dynamic movements. Each assessment provides information on range of motion and limb imbalance, as well as more in depth metrics that provide greater insights to the technique used when completing the movements.

Real-time overlay

When completing a HumanTrak assessment, both you and the patient can see joint range of motion and balance metrics in real-time, overlayed on the patient and represented in real time. The overlay and metrics shown are tailored to the specific assessment type being performed, highlighting the key actionable information that is required to make clinical decisions.


SwayTrak measures Centre of Mass tracking, reporting the sway that occurs in 360* during a balance assessment. Overall sway is quantified with a 95% confidence ellipse, which can be used for baseline testing and tracking changes over time.

One-click reporting

As soon as you complete an assessment, one click automatically generates a comprehensive test report including photo snapshots from key points in each test, SwayTrak snapshots, SideTrak snapshots, and key results from each test. With one click you can send the report to the patient and to other key healthcare professionals.


Once you’ve completed your patient assessment and treatment, use HumanTrak’s Autotrainer feature to build a tailored training program complete with reps, sets and rest. AutoTrainer guides the patient through each exercise in the program, without the intervention of the practitioner.


Small and simple but packs a punch.

Unlike other movement analysis systems that fill an entire room or require complex setup and lengthy data processing, HumanTrak fits in a suitcase and can be unpacked, set up and ready to test in less than 5 minutes. Once set up, this world-first technology allows you to select from a range of pre-programmed tests so the patient can begin their assessment and view their performance in real-time.

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