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Fast, objective analysis on dynamic and isometric tests

FDMini automatically detects and analyses 15+ common force plate tests.

Now you can quickly understand neuromuscular strength, performance, and imbalance without the time-consuming and complex process of analysing raw force plate data. You can instantly see, interpret and communicate progress over time. 


Countermovement Jump


Mid-Thigh Pull


Never before possible, ForceDecks can analyse weighted or unweighted squats and provide rep-by- rep, real-time results.

Squat Jump

Drop Jump

Single Leg Drop Jump

Single Leg Jump

Land and Hold

Single Leg Land and Hold

Repeated Hop Test


Isometric Squat

Shoulder I-Y-T

Posterior Chain

Custom Isometric Test

... and more

Supported by real experts

Our team of sports scientists, strength coaches and data analysts provide you with next level support and training.

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Abalakov jump

Supine 90/90

Supine 0/30

Standing 70/30

Already own a force platform?

ForceDecks software is compatible with a range of third-party force platforms.

Our smallest, most affordable force plates yet

Fitting into a small carry case, the new FDMini is ideal for quick assessments such as balance and squat assessments - anywhere, anytime.

Portability without sacrificing power.

Surface area per plate:

22.5 x 40 cm / 9 x 16 in


1,000 kg / 2,200 lb

Sampling rate:

1,000 hz

Weight per plate:

5 kg / 11 lb

FDMini Specs

One-click analysis

Quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement, see results in a single click.

Simple, actionable results

No need for a lab technician or complex excel tables.

Skip the time-consuming and complex process of analysing raw force plate data, and get results in real-time. With ForceDecks software, all the heavy lifting is done for you so you can focus on what's important.

Introducing the new FDMini

Providing you with objective data on strength and imbalance, FDMini enables you to complete upper and lower body assessments in less than a minute - anywhere, anytime.

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Affordable. Portable. Compact.

Monitor progress over time

Use longitudinal data to track progress, set milestones, and help your clients reach their goals.