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Elite Akademy has integrated HumanTrak to assess and monitor progress of their clients’ performance improvement and rehabilitation programs. Additionally, the practice uses TeleHab to remotely manage exercise programs.

In this case study, Kusal Goonewardena (Director of Elite Akademy Sports Medicine) explores how he uses VALD systems in his businesses and how they are powerful tools for helping patients feel more confident in their rehabilitation.

About Kusal

Kusal has established a successful career in building three innovative sports medicine clinics in Melbourne. His passion is to lead practitioners so they live a life of service that is judged by expertise, results, service and education.

Kusal Goonewardena: APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist & Director of Elite Akademy Sports Medicine
Kusal Goonewardena: APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist & Director of Elite Akademy Sports Medicine

How Elite Akademy uses HumanTrak Movement Analysis System 

Clients can confidently track their rehabilitation progress through the power of visualisation that HumanTrak provides. Kusal notes, “The images. charts and graphs all help the client decipher their progress easily. And it helps us show the client what they need to do easily.”After conducting initial assessment and movement analyses, Elite Akademy conducts HumanTrak tests in session 2-4 of the treatment process to gain objective measures for:

  • Balance
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Core control
  • Functional tests and power

After, Elite Akademy continues to progress “once every season” for the weekend warrior athlete. I.e., a test for summer, autumn, winter, and spring. For elite athletes, it can vary from weekly to pre/post tournaments. Rehab modules are also used for lower limb strength and balance training which Kusal states, “is an area we will be delving into further in 2021.”

Physio assistant employed to conduct testing

Kusal elaborates, “At Elite Akademy we have employed physio assistants to conduct the VALD technology testing. We have sessions just for VALD systems. The steps are as follows:

  1. The client books in for a HumanTrak assessment and the physio assistant will run through the tests that are ordered by the physiotherapist.
  2. The analysis and report are sent to the treating physiotherapist.
  3. The physiotherapist analyses the report and provides feedback to the client with their clinical findings.”

Client experience and outcomes 

Kusal notes that clients “see objective changes every 12 weeks.” He follows the below progression with HumanTrak to optimise outcomes for clients after assessment:

  1. Conduct clinical assessment.
  2. Conduct HumanTrak assessment and send report to the client.
  3. Collate the clinical findings with the HumanTrak assessment.
  4. Conduct comprehensive analysis with movement pattern recognition.
  5. Use TeleHab to provide the exercise program.
  6. Repeat HumanTrak every 12 weeks.

Prescribing and monitoring exercise programs remotely

With a large athlete client base around the world, TeleHab has allowed Elite Akademy to communicate quickly and effectively, despite no face-to-face consultations. TeleHab allows Kusal and the Elite Akademy team to make a program in minutes (with over 5,000 exercises to choose from), assign the program and then monitor a client’s progress remotely. The client then has the option to video themselves and repost their progress back to their physiotherapist.

Encouraging elderly patients to track their progress

In particular, Kusal finds TeleHab to be important for elderly patients who “like to see big images and clear instructions”. Kusal elaborates, “I enjoy using Telehab because it’s easy to use, my clients love the layout of the exercises, dosages and self-monitoring functions.” In fact, Elite Akademy uses Telehab almost exclusively to provide rehab exercises for around 90% of clients. Kusal notes, “The 10% who don’t have access to the internet, we create the Telehab exercise program and print off the exercises and instructions.” 

Download this case study as a PDF: Elite Akademy case study.

If you would like more information on HumanTrak or TeleHab, please feel free to contact us on our social media or fill out the contact form below.

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